What to Expect
Asking for help is not easy. I want to make the experience as comfortable for you as I can. You're reading this and that's the first step towards recovery. If you are interested in contacting me you can email me or call me. The information is on the "contact info" page.

If you are interested in coming into my office or doing skype therapy we can schedule a consultation appointment that works for you. http://www.skype.com  During the consultation I will make an assessment of your needs and make my recommendations. You will also be making your own assessment as to whether you feel comfortable with me. There is no obligation to make another appointment after the initial consultation.

Therapy and life coaching can be done either short or long term, I will give you my recommendation regarding what I feel would fit best for your needs. It's important that you understand the limits of confidentiality. Please review the Forms page: "Consent for Treatment".

My sessions are 50 minutes in length. At this time, I do not take insurance, however some insurances cover a portion of my fees. Prior to our first appointment it will save time if you fill out and mail the following forms: Patient Information, Treatment Consent, Credit Card Information,

My office is located at: 270 26th Street, Suite 201
                                      Santa Monica, CA 90402